Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cookbook Suggestions

This post was inspired by a book I just checked out from the library. I told my husband a couple months ago that I have enough cookbooks- and then I discovered Cook's Illustrated... :) I'd be willing to get rid of all my other cookbooks, and just stock my kitchen with ones made by them. They're that good!

The one I checked out was this baking book. It is fabulous!! It has all the wonderful recipes CI makes (700 of them!), in a more user-friendly format than their other books. It's in a binder, so the book stays open flat, it has more pictures than normal, and the book is in full color (their normal books are black & white). It has a TON of tips in it (the page I have flipped open has a part that says "Knowing when to add more flour", along with pictures & a description). I may just need to add this one to my collection... that's probably better than continually renewing it from the library. ;) I haven't read the red one yet (family cookbook), but I'm sure it's equally wonderful.

Blue one Here for $22; Red one Here for $22

While I'm talking about books, here's another one I love:

This one's just $13.57 at Amazon! I got it several years ago as a Christmas gift. I read it cover to cover when I first got it, and now I'm working on reading it again. The chapters are:

  • Cookware, Appliance, and Utensil Tips

  • Ingredient Tips

  • Cooking Tips

  • Serving, Storage, Cleaning, and Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Handy Kitchen Techniques

  • When Things Go Wrong, Substitutions, and Equivalents

It's just shy of 400 pages. So, there you have it, some new summer reading for you. Enjoy!

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