Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Vitamix

 As most of you know, my family has been busy lately for a pretty good reason.  A week ago today, on March 19th, my husband donated a kidney to his dad.  The surgery went perfectly and my father in law now has great kidney function, meaning he can stop dialysis!  There are no long term issues for my husband now having only one kidney; the main thing is that we just need to keep him (and us) in overall good health.  The good ol' diet and exercise!

A family member gave us a generous gift for having donated the kidney, and we decided to put that towards this new Vitamix blender.  I had seem them at Costco before and always LOVED how well they worked, and how they could transform regular ingredients into something special. Buying this with the gift is one way to commemorate the surgery and to help our family eat healthier.

I have already used this 9 times in 2 1/2 days.  I have made fruit/veggie smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, and pancake batter.  It is easy to use, should last forever (including the 7 year warranty), and is enabling our family to eat better!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!  This is the Vitamix 6300. (Costco's price was better, of course!)

Click to enlarge

Most importantly, I should add, this passed the Kid Test!  These smoothies are delicious & filling, and you can't even taste the vegetables!


  1. I am so jealous!!! This is at the top of my want list :) We borrowed our neighbors Vitamix after Chris had his wisdom teeth removed. It was very hard to return it after so many weeks. Enjoy it!!!

  2. What did you put in the smoothie? I've been too nervous to ever add vegetables in my fruit smoothies, but if your kids liked it, maybe I will too!

    1. I never was willing to try it either until I sampled a green smoothie at Costco. I was sure I would hate it, but I didn't! So far I have mainly used a bunch of fruit plus baby carrots & spinach, and once I added cucumber too. I can't taste the spinach at all! In just a couple days, we used a whole bag's worth of baby spinach in smoothies.