Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beef & Bean Casserole

This is one of the simplest dinners I make, and we all enjoy it. It's not "fancy", but it's a good basic recipe! It's original name is Hungry Jack Casserole, named because of the Hungry Jack brand biscuits that were part of it. Well I'm not a fan of canned biscuits (personally), so I've swapped those out for other things. I've served this dinner with regular homemade biscuits or with cornbread- just something homey & filling. :)

I never measure the ingredients for this; it's really just a "to taste" kind of thing. You can take the basic idea and make it your own!

Beef & Bean Casserole
Printable version here

Ground beef (1/2 to 1 pound)
Diced onion (about 1/2 an onion)
Barbecue sauce
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1 can (15 oz.) Pork 'n Beans
Grated cheddar cheese
French fried onions (optional)

1. Brown the ground beef & onions; drain fat.

2. Add barbecue sauce to taste (or until the consistency seems how you want it), brown sugar, and beans. Simmer on low for a few minutes.

3. At this point, you can either top it with grated cheese & serve it, or bake it. I put it in a baking pan, top with cheese & french fried onions, and bake at 350ยบ for 10-15 minutes or until bubbly & onions are golden brown. Serve with biscuits or cornbread.

Why I love it? It's quick to make, easy to double (I make a bigger batch now that my kids are eating more), and not too bad for you. It has a good amount of protein & fiber. Plus, it's a meal that all 3 of my kids like! There aren't too many of those! :)

(When I was searching online for this recipe, I found a You Tube video of a guy making this recipe (with the biscuits baked on top). If you're curious, here it is! YouTube)

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